Pionate Edge

Minimalistic data loggers for data-driven engineering, driver safety studies, and EDR

The Pinoate Edge is a small and cost-effective solution for cloud connected in-vehicle logging. As all Pionate products it comes with great opportunities for scaling to large volumes, and with per-unit cloud based configuration. It also comes with an end-user life-time subscription to the Pionate End User Portal for ethics-oriented data collection.

Pionate Edge includes the Pionate Edge OS, an operating system designed for minimalistic and fault tolerant embedded systems.

Pionate Edge Go

Pionate Edge Go is the smallest and most cost-efficient option offered by Pionate. It is intended for large volumes (*), for complete vehicles fleets. It comes with either 2 or 4 CAN channels, 1 Ethernet port, and various other low-level interfaces. It also includes GNSS, IMU, and 4G connectivity to the Pionate Cloud.

* Minimum order: 50 units

Pionate Edge Pro

Pionate Edge Pro is a more powerful logger intended for smaller volumes (*), such as dedicated vehicle or driver studies. It includes the same options as Pionate Edge Go, and options for up to 3 camera interfaces. All data is of course made available through the Pionate Cloud.

* Minimum order: 5 units

* A basic six month Pionate Cloud subscription is included for new customers.

Pionate Cloud

Automated data access for data-driven engineering, behavior studies, and fleet management

The Pionate Cloud is developed from the ground up to maximize the efficiency and usefulness of the connected fleet. Starting from a minimalistic transport layer and efficient backend database, it provides a secure, user-friendly, and cost-efficient environment for data scientists and product developers. By design it provides access to high-volume data, such as video feeds.

Pionate Cloud REST API

The Pionate Cloud web portal is designed for online fleet monitoring and analysis. In addition, it can be extended to include a secure REST API for selected data so that analysis can be integrated into external pipelines.

Pionate Cloud Enrichment Engine

The Pionate Cloud can be extended with the Enrichment Engine. With this addition, data from fleet members is automatically extended with data from external sources and improved by embedded machine learning models. The usefulness of the data is therefore maximized, as both data precision and rate is greatly increased.

The Enrichment Engine runs continuously on the data, meaning that data quality is dynamically improved over time.

Pionate Cloud Event Alert

The Pionate Cloud Event Alert is an additional service that allows customers to subscribe to self-defined events identified by the fleet of vehicles. Events are defined using the online web portal, and as soon as an event is triggered in a fleet members’ field of view it is immediately uploaded to the Pionate Cloud and the customer is alerted.

Pionate Cloud POC-R

The Pionate Cloud POC-R, or Pionate Open Computation Resource, is an online environment that can be enabled in the Pionate Cloud, giving the user access to CPU and GPU computational resources. In many cases, due to data logistics or legal issues, data can more safely and efficiently be analyzed close to the main database. POC-R is sitting next to the customer’s data in Pionate Cloud, allowing uploaded algorithms to access and use the data with minimal latency and great performance.

* Requires either Pionate Edge Go or Pionate Edge Pro.

Pionate Cloud