Built to last, built to protect

Our company employs ethical engineering:

We build products of outstanding quality, great possibilities for after-market adaptation through monitoring and over-the-air-updates, and area of use flexibility. Our products should last; to save our planet and to generate great value for years to come.

Our products do not exploit users or trespass on their integrity. Instead, a product from Pionate is crafted for the benefit of humankind, to enrich human lives and to protect the integrity and safety of everyone. Wherever you are, whatever you do, our products will keep you and your data safe and secure.

Engineered from science

Pionate has a strong background in academic research on computer science, human behaviour, industrial processes, and autonomous machines. These combined experiences are directly affecting the products that we design and build.

We know how products can be integrated into human life and behaviour, and how to design efficient and easy to use human–machine–interfaces.

We know how to responsibly handle data, both from within machines and from human behaviour. From the point data is created to when it is no longer needed.

We have extensive practical knowledge on how to tune computational systems, advanced networks, and AI systems into perfection.

Scandinavian design

Our company builds minimalistic solutions from clean in-house design, few dependencies, and with the end user in mind.

By designing software with a minimal footprint, we reduce the number of possible faults in the code, and we allow for better overview. All to increase cyber-security and allow for controlled execution and formal validation.

By actively reducing the number of dependencies and third-party influence over our products, we can adapt our products to the needs of the customer. We can cut complexity, both in design and in the supply chain. In the end, a product from Pionate is something that you can truly own and that respects your needs.