Our technology is ready to connect millions of vehicles for continuous data offloading, system monitoring, and over-the-air (OTA) updates. With maximum privacy and cyber-security.


By using our AI-powered Vapor–Condenser methodology in our Pionate Condenser Engine we have the possibility to maximize any Internet uplink used by connected vehicles.

Modular Services

The Pionate Cloud modularizes services for our customers, for customized plans that fits each customer.

Enriching data

By using advanced AI-powered sensor fusion algorithms, the data is continuously improved in the cloud database.

Our product is simple

We can connect millions of high-volume data mobile vehicles to a unified AI-powered cloud backend, the Pionate Cloud. Our technology enables the next generation data compression using our Pionate Condenser Engine technology, turning reduced high-volume data into recreated data. Then, this data is further enriched by our Pionate AI Enrichment Engine, before being delivered to our customer users.

Edge is you

Pionate has a strong commitment to safe-guard data all the way from edge to end-user. Our simple guiding principle is that data belongs to the person that generates it, and that no data should be collected without active opt-in and awareness.