Pionate Edge

Pionate Edge is the software installed in vehicles enabling the connection to Pionate Cloud. The software can either run on a separate computer installed in the vehicle or in an existing vehicle ECU. Pionate Edge collects data from the vehicle and also from additional installed sensors. Data is then reduced and sent to Pionate Cloud where it is recreated to its full flavor again.

Pionate Cloud Basic

Pionate Cloud Basic includes the upload of high-volume data to the Pionate Cloud where it can be accessed and downloaded by customer users.

Pionate Cloud Enriched

On top of the basic plan, the Pionate Cloud Enriched also includes advanced cloud data processing. By using smart filtering and AI algorithms the precision and detail of the data is continuously increasing as the amount of logged data increases.
Pionate Cloud Enriched also includes advanced data analysis tools.

Pionate Event 

Pionate Event enables customer users to pre-define driving scenarios, or events, that are of special interest. When such an event is detected in a connected vehicle the related data is instantly made available to the user.